Xiaomi Released Mi Charge

Xiaomi / 12 September, 2019

Xiaomi showed off its latest smartphone innovation, Mi Charge Tubro technology. The technology is a wireless charging standard that supports 30W speeds that are not visible on smartphones, GSM Arena was quoted as saying earlier this week.

Xiaomi claims that the innovation is enough to charge a 4, 000 mAh battery with as much as 50 percent in just 25 minutes. While reaching full can be achieved in 69 minutes.

As a comparison of the previous best by Xiaomi on the Mi 9 which comes with 20W only charges 30 percent of the 3, 300mAh battery in 30 minutes of testing. PUSATBOLA

Xiaomi confirmed that the Mi Charge Turbo 30W will debut on the upcoming Mi 9 Pro 5G flagship this month. However, it is not explained whether the charger will be included in the retail package or must be purchased separately like Mi 9.

The company also used the event to announce that they are also developing 40W wireless charging standards and are already in the testing phase. Previous news, Xiaomi developed a 100W cable charger, but still far from the actual product.