What Happen With New MIUI Features

Xiaomi / 1 May, 2020

What Happen With New MIUI Features

When will MIUI 12 be released?
For certainty there is actually no information whatsoever by Xiaomi about when miui 12 will be released. But from a number of references that can be obtained, MIUI 12 will be released in the third quarter (July – September) this year.

But that is only an estimate, so related to miui 12 will be released, friends, just wait for the official announcement by Xiaomi.

MIUI 12 features
Keep in mind that below is only one of the many features that might be available and not on the list.

Latest Live Wallpaper
The improvement for MIUI 12 is also in the handphone pintar unlock Sistem, where the wallpaper display will enlarge and shrink so quickly when the user opens the device via a fingerprint (or possibly also a face Pemeriksaan) Later, a row of applications instantly displayed on the home Laman. In addition, there are also wallpapers with planet images to give users a different and unique experience.

To make it easier for users, MIUI 12 also enhances interface functionality, i.e. the rows of applications recently used by users will display a preview window when the phone is open.

MIUI Design and Visual Display 12

Starting with visuals, Xiaomi seems to be trying to simplify and streamline application icons in MIUI 12, where all application symbols will be included in a square icon with a concave on all four sides. Furthermore, the company claims that the speed of animation when opening and closing devices becomes faster and smoother than the previous generation.

Not only that, Xiaomi also included the Dark Mode 2.0 fitur that can dim the wallpaper and adjust the font making it easier for users to read and reduce eye strain.

Mi Health

In the health department, MIUI 12 includes the Mi Health fitur that is promised to have the best algorithm so that it can track the duration and sleep patterns of users without the need for additional devices by simply putting the ponsel pintar under the pillow.

Enhanced Security

Another key fitur in MIUI 12 is the improvement in privacy management which is now able to track user behavior and habits when using applications on smartphones. Therefore, if there are different habits that are tracked by the user, Xiaomi can automatically give a warning to telpon pintar owners.

Then, Xiaomi also added a Virtual ID fitur that allows ponsel pintar users to create various virtual identities when accessing information or operating systems that are suspected of potentially threatening user privacy.

More inclusive

Finally, Xiaomi also adds a new accessibility fitur through artificial intelligence called AI Calling that can transcribe calls and suggest answers during the conversation. This fitur itself is specifically designed for hearing impaired users.