world’s first touch screen mobile phone, the Simon Personal Communicator.

IT / 8 September, 2019

The world's first touch screen mobile phone, the Simon Personal Communicator.

Most people will judge that Apple Inc. or Samsung are the pioneers of the touch screen feature on mobile phones. Website PUSAT BOLA Terpercaya , Indeed, the iPhone or Samsung became the first cellphones to popularize the use of the touchscreen system.

Referring to its history, touch screen mobile phone technology was first in 1994 ago. Long before Apple launched the iPhone. On August 16, 1994, IBM officially launched the IBM Simon Personal Communicator. IBM Simon is a smart phone with the Datalight ROM-DOS operating system that has touch screen technology.Simon himself is a superior product from IBM and became the first smartphone to combine the functions of cellular phones and PDAs (Personal Data Assistant) in one device. Simon became the first smartphone type to be equipped with a 4.5-inch monochrome touch screen and a stylus to operate the features inside. And has been equipped with a stylus for operation, as well as various functions such as calendars, calculators, address books, world clock, email and games, and notepad.

When officially released in 1992, Simon is estimated to be sold at a price of US $ 899 with a contract system or the equivalent of 1,435 US dollars today.