Mozilla Releases Firefox VPN Service, Can Be Used Free

Mozila Firefox / 13 September, 2019

Mozilla announced a new service, namely gratis Virtual Private Jaringan( VPN) called Firefox Private Jaringan. This VPN is claimed to be safer and will protect website browsing with encryption. KWITANGKOST

This VPN is based on the Firefox browser, meaning that” protected” VPN activities are only accessed through that browser. Users can use it when accessing Firefox with a public WiFi connection or when they dont want to be stalked by angkatan darat(AD) trackers.

Firefox Private Jaringan is still in beta. It can already be tried, but it is still limited to Firefox users in the US only. To get a Firefox VPN, users must first batang kayu in to their Firefox akun. Firefox Private Jaringan can be downloaded melalui the official page.

Once installed, a small icon will appear on the toolbar that can be used to activate and deactivate the VPN.

The Verge reports, unduh speeds are reduced by 17 Mbps when VPN is activated, as summarized.

VPN will change the users IP address so that it can hide it from third parties World Health Organization want to track user activity. However, the IP address is only moved to an zona close to the original address. So, local ads are still likely to infiltrate.

If you want to browse with a distant address or a different country, users are advised to use other VPN services.