LAPAN: Celestial Body Asteroid Threatens Earth Creatures

IT / 10 May, 2020

LAPAN: Celestial Body Asteroid Threatens Earth Creatures

LAPAN: Celestial Body Asteroid Threatens Earth Creatures

Researcher of the National Aeronautics and Space Institute’s Space Science Center (LAPAN), Abdul Rachman, said that celestial objects that could endanger the life of creatures on Earth are Asteroids.

Because these celestial bodies have varying sizes, ranging from small to very large. According to Abdul, there is an Asteroid which has a size up to 132 x 100 x 76 kilometers.

In addition, Asteroids are solid celestial bodies such as stones with irregular shapes. Then he alluded to natural phenomena such as the passage of meteors to Earth that came from Asteroid fragments.

“What celestial objects can cause disasters on Earth? The answer is the original object of the meteor, Asteroid,” Abdul said during a virtual discussion event about the Fall and Disaster Meteor on Earth on Sunday (3/5).

“Let’s look at the Asteroid, a solid celestial body like a rock with irregular shapes and not like planets or spheres that we can say are round,” he continued.

Furthermore Abdul said, Asteroids that were identified in this era are the remnants of billions of ancient Asteroids. These Asteroid remains then formed inner planets, which we now know as the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth.

Previously based on NASA Near Earth Object Study Center (CNEOS) data, there were a number of Asteroids with diameters of more than 400 meters that passed near Earth throughout 2020.

CNEOS recorded at least 10 Asteroids, including 52768 (1998 OR2), 2003 OC3, 65690 (1991 DG), 388945 (2008 TZ3), 2011 GM44, 159402 (1999 AP10), 144411 (2004 EW9), 136795 (1997 BQ) , 7753 (1988 XB), and 8014 (1990 MF).

Nevertheless, NASA acknowledges that no Asteroid has threatened the Earth.

Previously, the public was enlivened by the phenomenon of dukhan or doomsday signs related to the fall of the asteroid on Earth on 15 Ramadhan 1441 Hijri which coincided on Friday, May 8, 2020.

The phenomenon of dukhan is that fog or smoke is predicted to occur on the 15th of Ramadan in 1441 Hijri, which coincides to fall today, Friday, May 8, 2020.

One of the predictions states that the fog was caused by a meteor or asteroid collision with the earth. The prediction about Dukhan as one of the 10 signs of the great apocalypse is related to the Qur’anic Verses of the Surah Ad-Dukhan verses 10-11 and the hadith of Muslim history from Hudzaifah bin Usaid.

Information will come Dukhan or doomsday in the middle of Ramadan, precisely 15 Ramadan on Friday night later mentioned in the hadith narrated by Abdillah Al-Hakim in the Al-Fitan Book of Imam Nu’aym bin Hammad.

In the book, it is explained that there will be loud cries that sleepers wake up in shock on the night of Friday, 15th of Ramadan.

The interpretation is then associated with the appearance of fog which causes loud cries until the fog appears. However, many scholars say that carrying the level of the hadith is false.