Jim Geovedi Hacking a Satellite in the Sky

Hacking / 22 September, 2019

Jim Geovedi Hacking a Satellite in the Sky

Jim Geovedi Hacking a Satellite in the Sky

An Indonesian hacker built a world reputation. KWITANG KOST He is well-known for hacking satellite. Jim Geovedi is a dangerous person. At a time when almost all information and people were connected, Jim, if he wanted, could always go in and out there: peek into e-mail conversations or just peek at your affair in cyberspace.

More than that, he could have stolen important data: bank transaction traffic, company financial statements or even observing the country’s defense system.

“If I want I can control the internet throughout Indonesia,” Jim said in a conversation with Deutsche Welle. When I asked IT observer Enda Nasution, he claimed to believe Jim Geovedi could do that.

I chose to believe and didn’t want to challenge Jim to break into the Deutsche Welle site.

He is an Indonesian hacker with a global reputation: back and forth from Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Torino, until Krakow became a speaker at an international hacker meeting that is often wrapped in the name of a security system seminar. At a world hacker meeting, Jim demonstrated how to hack a satellite: yes, Jim could change the direction of motion or even shift the satellite’s position. You can see this expertise on Youtube.

McAfee Firmenzentrale

Online security company McAfee Labs said, ransomware is the fastest growing type of malware virus. Earlier this year there was a form of ransomware called TeslaCrypt, targeting online gamers followed by CryptoLocker which could attack Microsoft Windows users.Jim Geovedi since 2012 moved to London and founded an information technology security services company with his partner. He handles clients who need security services for satellite systems, banking and telecommunications. The last two years, he claimed to be interested in developing computer artificial intelligence.

But Jim Geovedi refused to be called an expert. In interviews, Jim prefers to consider himself “an observer or sometimes an active participant in the art of watching from a distant and safe place.”

No, Jim is not a graduate of a well-known IT school. Graduating from high school, Jim lived a hard street life in Bandar Lampung as a graphic artist. Luckily a priest introduced him to computers and the internet. Since then, Jim Geovedi has been self-taught: exploring the chat rooms of the world’s hackers.

What have you ever hacked?

I have never hacked … even if yes, I will not reveal it in the interview, hehehe. But I get paid a lot for testing security systems. I have a security consulting company to test applications and networks. My clients range from banking, telecommunications, insurance, electricity, cigarette factories and others.8 MARK YOU ARE ADDICTED TO THE


I didn’t start by hacking the system, then after becoming famous for opening up my identity and building a business security system. Since the beginning, I have been hanging out more with hackers around the world than Indonesia, and from there I was often invited to be a seminar speaker or interviewed by international media. A few years after that I began to be noticed in Indonesia.

In 2004, I was asked to help the KPU (at that time the data center of the election vote count was hacked). I was hired to find out who the culprit was (a hacker named Dani Firmansyah was finally arrested-ed). When new wireless entered Indonesia in 2003, I was asked to be a speaker in Kuala Lumpur about the dangers of the system. In 2006, I was asked to be a speaker on the issue of satellite security systems, and that might make my name go up.

Yes you can, the satellite system is quite unique. Hacker People who can control satellites must know A to Z about satellite content. And the only way is you have to enter the operator’s room or be in the operator’s work situation (by hacking it-ed). From there you will understand everything: the satellite is launched when, how to control, what system is used. After that you will be able to understand: oh here anyway the weakness of the system. That’s all total instinct. The more often you study a case, if dealing with other cases, you will be able to see a similar pattern. If you have seen patterns in common, you will know.