iPhone 11 Features and Release Date

seojkt   12 September, 2019

Technology companies from the United States Apple, Inc. officially launched its latest iPhone 11 mobile series on Tuesday( 09/ 10/.. Read More

2018: HP design is thin and comfortable.

seojkt   9 September, 2019

In 2018, smartphones with beautiful and thin designs will be excellent. Website KWITANG KOST Terpercaya, Just call it Advan G2… Read More

1992: The first cellphone that can access the GSM network.

seojkt   9 September, 2019

The GSM network makes communication smoother. Website PUSAT BOLA Terpercaya. For this reason, the communication equipment company from Finland produces.. Read More

world’s first touch screen mobile phone, the Simon Personal Communicator.

seojkt   8 September, 2019

Most people will judge that Apple Inc. or Samsung are the pioneers of the touch screen feature on mobile phones… Read More

Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X is claimed to be the first mobile phone in the world.

seojkt   8 September, 2019

Motorola became the first company to produce a handheld mobile phone.Website KWITANG KOST  Terpercaya . In 1983, a researcher and.. Read More

PC Tablet

seojkt   7 September, 2019

The need for a PC / notebook user to work and communicate makes the manufacturer create input devices (input) devices.. Read More


seojkt   7 September, 2019

Is a computer that looks concise and portable (easy to carry anywhere). CPU, monitor and keyboard are used to resemble.. Read More


seojkt   7 September, 2019

In addition to the PC that is placed on the table, there are also portable computers with smaller sizes than.. Read More

Personal Computer (PC)

seojkt   6 September, 2019

Is a term used for a computer placed on a table (Desktop Computer); usually only the monitor, mouse and keyboard.. Read More