Apple Will Stop iTunes Service, Replace with New Application

Iphone / 13 September, 2019

Nearly 20 years on the air, World Health Organization would have thought that applications as well as music player services, podcasts, films and Televisi series in a package made by Apple which of course we are sering di dengar with the name iTunes, will eventually be dismissed soon. PUSATBOLA

This was conveyed through a conference conducted by developers from Apple( melalui Bloomberg), where they will make many changes to Apple applications and devices in the future. As Apple Watches are more independent than the iPhone, the iPad is increasingly rivaling the power of a laptop, as well as new applications to replace iTunes, especially for Mac devices and PCs and laptops in general.

Instead of bringing the music player service back to film in one application, Apple plans to launch a trio of new applications- Music, Televisi and Podcast- separately. Its not clear when the iTunes service will be terminated soon, or when the trio of applications will be revealed.

Apple users, especially iPhone and iPad users, certainly dont need to worry because the Apple Music application can still be used. Where what distinguishes the two music player applications is, Apple Music is subscription based like Spotify, while iTunes is more conventional based by downloading songs that have been purchased. But Apple is also planning to reveal new devices at the end of this year, it is likely that the trio of applications will be directly embedded in Apples new devices, or perhaps also through Aplikasi Updates that are done regularly.