Month: September 2019

Jim Geovedi Hacking a Satellite in the Sky

seojkt   22 September, 2019

Jim Geovedi Hacking a Satellite in the Sky An Indonesian hacker built a world reputation. KWITANG KOST He is well-known.. Read More

Asus debuts 300Hz displays for gaming laptops

seojkt   15 September, 2019

Asus debuts 300Hz displays for gaming laptops Asus debutkan display 300Hz untuk laptop gaming. Jika Anda berpikir Anda lebih keren.. Read More

Apple Will Stop iTunes Service, Replace with New Application

seojkt   13 September, 2019

Nearly 20 years on the air, World Health Organization would have thought that applications as well as music player services,.. Read More

Mozilla Releases Firefox VPN Service, Can Be Used Free

seojkt   13 September, 2019

Mozilla announced a new service, namely gratis Virtual Private Jaringan( VPN) called Firefox Private Jaringan. This VPN is claimed to.. Read More

Xiaomi Released Mi Charge

seojkt   12 September, 2019

Xiaomi showed off its latest smartphone innovation, Mi Charge Tubro technology. The technology is a wireless charging standard that supports.. Read More

iPhone 11 Features and Release Date

seojkt   12 September, 2019

Technology companies from the United States Apple, Inc. officially launched its latest iPhone 11 mobile series on Tuesday( 09/ 10/.. Read More

notebook with some big conveniences

seojkt   12 September, 2019

Kwitang Kost Bigger PCs are commonly enormous, profound machines, pushing into the region of portable workstations. Dynabook, notwithstanding, is declaring.. Read More

Portable Teletype

seojkt   10 September, 2019

Convenient Teletype 40 years prior, a PC the size of a room, and has a processor that is lower in.. Read More


seojkt   10 September, 2019

Dynabook It began with an idea in the 1970s by Alan Kay of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center having.. Read More

2018: HP design is thin and comfortable.

seojkt   9 September, 2019

In 2018, smartphones with beautiful and thin designs will be excellent. Website KWITANG KOST Terpercaya, Just call it Advan G2… Read More